Rebuild Afghanistan Summit: March 28


The Stability Institute is proud to support Rebuild Afghanistan Summit on 28 March 2014 in Washington, DC.  If you, your agency, or your business have interest in long-term stabilization of SW Asia, we highly recommend you consider attending.  In … [Read more...]

ADAPT Afghanistan On-Line Video Training

Agricultural Development for Afghanistan Pre-Deployment Training (ADAPT) is a United States Department of Agriculture-funded program designed to provide practical training on essential food security information to US government personal deploying to … [Read more...]

Understanding Mali: Connections and Confrontations between the Tuareg, Islamist Rebels, and the Government

  This five-part class on Mali succinctly presents the complexities of the recent conflict that left the north of Mali in the hands of Islamist extremists and the government in Bamako in disarray. It explains the ethnic dimensions of the … [Read more...]

Understanding Peace and Transition in Colombia


Things seem to be moving forward with peace talks in Colombia.  I hold to my position that we should keep a close eye on Colombia to draw key lessons for long-term stability efforts in Afghanistan and other strategic, under-governed areas.  This … [Read more...]

Tradecraft to Undercut the Instability of Gangs & Insurgents

Gangs & Insurgency

This Dr. Max G. Manwaring paper is one of the finest examples of how Stability Professionals can both apply lessons learned from stability operations overseas to understanding gangs and lessons from counter-gang efforts to undercut violent … [Read more...]

(BOOK REVIEW) Rule of the Clan

Rule of the Clan

[jwplayer mediaid="4538"] For Stability Professionals, free time is limited.  Therefore, The Stability Institute critically reads through books on stabilization issues, provides summaries, and recommends only the most useful and actionable … [Read more...]

Pashtun Tribal Dynamics

Afghan Stability News

To be successful in VSO and rural stability, one must understand Pashtun Tribal dynamics since most areas of unrest and VSO applicability are in Pashtun dominated areas.  This article by the Tribal Analysis Center helps the reader understand many of … [Read more...]

Syria: Grievances and Sources of Instability Snapshot


It is impossible to look to tribal, political, and religious differences in Syria without understanding the area's history.  This BBC video provides a brief overview of some historical grievances that may remain underlying sources of instability for … [Read more...]

Nigeria’s Anti-Extremist Vigilantes

Vigilantes Against Boko Haram

The media has recently reported on "vigilantes," who oppose Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria.  These "militiamen" claim they: are obligated by God to oppose violent extremists, who are wayward in their beliefs first attempt to … [Read more...]

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